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Lotr gandalf the grey ultim ver statue

Prime 1 Studio sculptors have scored a direct hit with the likeness of Sir Ian McKellen in this stunning scene. With his flowing locks, and billowy GREY robes, holding aloft his magical staff and his sword, Glamdring, Gandalf strikes a powerful pose meant to stop the evil that is advancing on him, in its tracks!
This statue of Gandalf is breathtaking to look at, as it is full of intricate detailing, one has to see up close to believe it! While crafted in polystone, the amazing artists at Prime 1 Studio have made Gandalf’s hat seem made of felt, while his cloak has a course, woolen texture, as his staff appears to be hewn from the oldest wood.
This breathtaking Ultimate Version comes equipped with one (1) removable hat, two (2) swappable Left Hands, and two (2) swappable Staffs (one with LED-Illuminated Crystal, one with his Pipe).

While looking like a wizened, old wizard, Gandalf is nevertheless capable of fantastic displays of power that rival the Balrog itself! And speaking of the Balrog, Gandalf makes his stand on a breathtaking, epic base that is made from smoke, shadow, and fire!
The stunning environmental base features the great head of the Balrog, a Maiar, not unlike Gandalf himself, but who has taken the form of this evil being set against the courageous Istar wizard. Illuminated by LEDs, this base shows off a raging fire, billowing smoke, and a miniature version of this epic encounter unfolds in the back of the base!!!

[Product Specifications]
Statue Size approximately 32 inches tall [H:81cm W:62cm D:70cm]
One (1) Removable Hat
Two (2) Swappable Left Hands
Two (2) Swappable Staffs
LED-Illuminated in one of Gandalf's Staff, front and back base
Ultimate Balrog-centric Environmental base, featuring the Battle at the Bridge at Khazad-dûm

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