Among the essential standard aspects that Cosmic Group offers its clients is an efficient and accurate management of a well stocked warehouse that guarantees immediate availability, for as long as possible, of the most sought-after products together with the rapid completion and evasion of the orders.

By not asking for a minimum order quantity, in Italy or Europe, Cosmic Group, is capable of satisfying both wholesalers, who demand larger quantities in a rapid turnover time, and retailers who naturally present different needs. Cosmic Group's wide range of clients differ tremendously amongst themselves, depending on their market targets and quantity of requested products.
The flexibility and capacity to adapt of Cosmic Group, for each and every one of its clients' specific needs over the years has been the key to success in the management of our heterogeneous client database (wholesalers, independent chains and stores, belonging to the most varied merchandise categories - such as toy or videogame stores, music, comic or video shops, and even more specifically stores such as traditional bookshops, or for example furnishing, home decoration and hobby stores).

The constant updates in this continuously evolving market is a fundamental requirement that is 100% satisfied by Cosmic Group, through a constant and dynamic system of personalized information.

Online Newsletters inform the clients of news, pre-booking opportunities, availability, prices, arrival dates, order deadlines, offers and everything imaginable that is necessary for staying on top of things.

Cosmic Group offers multiple years of experience, multi-language personnel to best answer clients and high level professionalism, to best establish, with all of its clients, a solid and successful collaboration based on tight-knit commercial support throughout the entire sales process.

Cosmic Group imports and distributes products from the most prestigious brands of international level.

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